About Purified Skincare

Hey friends! My name is Ranita and I am the owner of Purified Skincare. Instead of using terms like “we” and “us” as a big corporation would, I thought I’d make this section a little more personable… I want you to feel like you know me personally!

I created Purified Skincare for those who are oily and acne-prone, just like me! I have never been the type to put any kind of chemical on my face. I don’t like using makeup wipes, I don’t like store-bought cleansers or moisturizers, and face masks never seemed to do anything for my skin. So I began to google search for natural ways to cleanse and care for your skin and to my surprise, I found that there were so many skin-clearing ingredients already sitting in my cabinet!

God then brought me the idea of creating an all-natural skincare line. So I did.

I now have the passion to help women feel and look beautiful by using high-quality skincare products to achieve the highest quality skin you could ever have. You deserve to feel confident and live your best life.